Friday, January 21, 2011

BATHROOM!!! part 3

I know I said that I was going to wait to blog again until the project was finished but I decided that considering today's happenings I should update the situation. :-) 
Today I painted the first coat on the walls only to realize that the color I have is way darker than I wanted! 
Here are a few pics......

So now my bathroom looks like a cloudy day, but at least all the walls match!
I am now planning to switch gears and use a much lighter paint.  Changing colors means that I have just added a couple more days to my project. So I am now hoping that it will be completely done with all the stuff back in place by the end of next week! It is kind of disappointing but not extremely because I know that in the end I will really like the change!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

BATHROOM!!! part 2

I think things are going pretty good so far! Andy was surprised that I have gotten as much done as I have so far. At this point I have primed everything and have completely finished painting all the trim! YAY! So, here are a few pictures to show my progress.......

this is where the white cabinets were but they have been painted also but you'll have to wait for pics of them

Tomorrow I will put the first coat of paint on the walls. The next post hopefully will be the finished product!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am not a writer, so please excuse all my writing mistakes (punctuation, paragraphs, long sentences, etc). 
I am not a person to start a BIG project (for the most part).  When I start a project I normally like to see it done as soon as possible; so I find myself not being able to stop when I get started until the job is finished!  But for some reason I talked myself into a BIG project and then had to talk my husband into letting my do this BIG project!
I decided to paint our bathroom, by myself ( I know I will have to pick my husband's brain throughout this though).  I have hated the "decor" of my bathroom since the first time I ever saw it.  I wanted to paint it right away when we first bought the house & my husband (Andy) talked me out of it by telling me that we would remodel it soon !:-) I was thrilled!
Here are some pics of my bathroom currently...

my cat insisted on being in the pictures :-)

  We have lived here for almost 10 years and the bathroom has not yet been remodeled :-) because it is expensive and we had other projects we decided were more important to get done for our family.  Then Andy introduced me to mis-tinted paint!  We can buy mis-tint paint for $1 a gallon, from the local paint store!  SO. I thought "hmmm I can paint the bathroom for almost nothing and when we are ready to redo it we won't really have wasted our money & I will feel better about it until we can redo it".  
The window in our bathroom is tiny but for some reason whoever hung the curtain rod decided to make it twice as long as the window. It drives me crazy how wide it is.  Here you can see what I am talking about...

Why would anyone want the curtains to be that much wider than the window? 

This is a HUGE project for me so PLEASE wish me luck! Andy has informed me that this project is my "baby" and he will not be helping!  I will be starting Monday or Tuesday!  :-)