Saturday, February 5, 2011

Along came..... WESLEY

As if life wasn’t crazy enough…… Andy & I had a son.  This time I would like to introduce you all to Wesley!!
Wesley was born Dec. 28, 2000.  He was born 5 days (that’s right I said F I V E) before Cheyenne’s 2nd birthday!!  Wesley was a HUGE baby weighing in at 10lbs 1oz.  As it turns out Wesley’s shoulders were 2 inches bigger around than his head so after his head was out he got stuck for 3 minutes.  When he finally was born he was blue & he was not breathing.  This was very scary for me & although exhausted & was crying believing that my baby had died.  During this time I could hear my mid-wife praying as she worked with my baby trying to get him breathing.  He did start breathing & the realization of a miracle was setting in as I impatiently waited to hold my baby.  Wesley was not a “normal” child, as he grew we began to realize that he was a little different.  As it turns out we found that Wesley has some learning disabilities; he is slightly autistic, possibly a little A.D.D. but the final diagnosis was P.D.D.N.O.S (pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified), also he was diagnosed & treated for appraxia (not sure of the spelling)of speech.  This made things interesting.  When Wesley was about 4 we found out that his tonsils & adenoids were so swollen that he was not getting the oxygen that he needed, so off we went to surgery.  About a week after his T&A (tonsil & adenoidectomy) he coughed up the cap that formed & started bleeding from the artery in his throat so off we went to emergency surgery to cauterize the artery.  The lack oxygen from his birth & from the tonsils was the explanation we got for why he has learning disabilities.  Wesley doing very well and has improved greatly.  As time goes on and we keep him socially active with kids his age his disabilities are becoming less obvious. 

Wesley is 10 years old now.  He loves vehicles of all kinds; if it has wheels he is fascinated by it.  He talks about being a truck driver or some other kind of driver when he grows up.  He is very nice & the parents of smaller children at our church tell me all the time how great Wesley is with the little ones & that their (much younger) child thinks Wesley is their best buddy.  He is very patient with the little ones.  Wesley is now learning to play the cello at school and although he struggles a little he is doing very well with it.
I am a very proud parent of both my children & in case you all are wondering we ARE done having babies.  The 2 we have are special and ALL we need.

As always a send off of a few more pics of Wesley…..

Wesley in hi element

couldn't pass up just 1 pic with both my "babies"
This concludes the introduction of my family, I hope everyone has enjoyed getting to know us!


  1. Despite his disabilities, we still think he's perfect! :)

    I love my little family and couldn't imagine how it could be any better! :)

    By the way, to all of you reading this, did you notice that word "mid-wife" up there? I just had to point out how brave my wonderful wife is, she opted to have both of our children at home, no drugs, with a midwife and I attending! It was wonderful and we're glad we did it!

    Baby, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I love our kids as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. These are great pictures,your children are lovely, and you sound like a great mum:)

  3. Thank you, Toyin! I love my kiddos, so naturally I try to be the best mom I can be (despite my mistakes & flaws).

  4. Both your children are precious. you have such a great family,I'm glad you introduced them to all of us out here. Thanks for sharing Tammy. Blessings jane

  5. Tammy you sound like an amazing lady! I can't even imagine a ten pound baby at the hospital never mind having him at home! That's awesome that Wesley is progressing, he's sure a cutie and I hope that all of his dreams come true! Well maybe not all of them, especially some of the dreams of teenagers! ;-) Have you ever heard that song by Rascal Flats called "My Wish"? I made a video out of my daughters photos and used that song as the last song for one of her graduation gifts. Little did I know that was their grad song until the night of the graduation! If you haven't heard that song you can YouTube it and listen to it, I know it sure touched my heart and that is my wish for each one of my children.

    It's been a pleasure meeting your family and I look forward to future posts about your family. Have a fantastic day!

  6. Thank you, Jane!

    darlin - had I known how big Wesley was going to be I might have been more afraid of having him at home. I haven't heard that song yet so I'll have to look it up, if it's by Rascal Flats it should be pretty good.

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