Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bald Bob

First let me say I'm sorry to my blogging friends.  I have been terrible about keeping up with reading everyone's posts & posting new blogs myself. I will try to do better.

Tuesday my kids got to have a "SNOW DAY"! So, the kids & I went out to play in the snow. We did some sledding, the kids made snow angels & we made a snowman!  At first the kids did not want to build a snowman but I started him & pretty soon Cheyenne started his middle and as we were putting ours together Wesley brought us his head.  We got him all put together (& agreed he was cute) when Wesley chimed in "He's bald", :-) Well we all thought that was funny so we decided to name our snowman "Bald Bob". 

Unfortunately I did not get pictures of "Bald Bob" until he had started to melt but I think you can get the idea of him.



  1. Unfortunately, Bob must have met with a terrible accident. When I went out to start the truck I found him in pieces scattered about the yard! I think one of the kids saw how badly he was suffering from a slow melting death and decided to put him out of his misery! It was probably Wesley, he's kind-hearted that way! :)

  2. Your snowman was cute,even if he did encounter an untimely accident! You and the kids did a great job. It's alright about the not commenting,we all get busy. Blessings jane

  3. poor Bob I had no idea that he had been abused like that!! Oh well I knew he wouldn't last forever anyway.

    Thank you Jane, he was fun to put together with the kids & that is what's important.

  4. Tammy life happens and not to worry, we all get busy and take a break every now and again and truth be told, once blogging isn't fun for me anymore I'll either cut back from posting every day and post occasionally or not post anymore. I love it too much right now but some nights it's a chore, like tonight, I have to start a 10 pg. essay still and it's 12:30am and here I am in blogger! lol

    Your snowman is so cute! I find it hard to believe that the kids would get a snow day with only this much snow. Where I'm living we've had the most snow in decades and the buses were still running, the city still functioned but I guess that we're seasoned for the cold snowy winters. Tonight it's going down to -30 or colder and that won't stop anybody from going to work unless their car won't start. All the smart people have their vehicles in a garage or plugged in on a night like tonight, not me and I have to go out in the morning, I just hope it starts! lol

    Have a fantastic weekend!