Friday, February 4, 2011


I finished the bathroom project and was at a loss as to what to blog about then I thought that I need to introduce my family.  I should have started with this but somehow I managed to skip it & start with the bathroom. 
The first member of my family I want to introduce to you is Andy (the book nut).  Andy is my loving husband; as some of you know.  Andy & I have been married for 12 ½ years.  He & I went on our first date Feb. 15, 1998; that day changed our lives.  We spent every day together after that & were married on July 24, 1998. 
Andy loves books, computers & model trains, but most of all he loves us, his family.  The kids & I are #1 above everything and he lets us know that every day in so many ways. 

Andy is always in a good mood!  We have been married for many years & I can count on 1 hand the times I have seen him in a bad mood & even when he has been upset he doesn’t let it affect me & the kids.  We have a friend that told us that she couldn’t picture him mad because every time she looks at him she sees “puppy dogs & rainbows”.   

This is only a small glimpse of who Andy is.  

Here are a few more pics to show a little of who he is....
he LOVES maple syrup!

reading, of course

we went to "The BIG Apple"

maybe a little tired but never grumpy


  1. Are you guys from Vermont??????

    I'm from Vermont originally!!!

  2. Thank you baby! I love you too! :)

    Although I think you are exaggerating me a little bit! I know I have been in a bad mood a little more often than you are letting on! I do love you guys and do my best to show it! :)

  3. Tammy, you are so blessed! Glad you have such a good husband,he reminds me of my grandaughter's hubby Adam. And like Adam, he is a keeper! Blessings jane

  4. I have added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower also.

  5. Cheilsea - no, we are not from Vermont but a few years ago we got to visit briefly on our way to Maine! It is very beautiful there.

    Andy - no I did not exaggerate you. You are very loving & you are always happy. I love you!

    Jane - I agree completely! I plan to keep him forever! I am following your granddaughter (& vise-versa), they seem like a very sweet couple.

    covnitkepr - thanks for following along!! I am also following you now.

  6. Hi Tammy, thanks for introducing us to Andy. I've been chatting with him for a while now through our posts and he's always sharing amazing things with me. He's mentioned his wonderful wife, his children, and I knew that he liked to read from his blog but now I feel that I know your family since meeting you and reading about your wonderful children. You have an awesome family, like I need to tell you that! :-)

  7. I knew that you (& a few others) have been following Andy for some time but I thought it would never hurt to introduce him anyway! He is a good man & I am the person I am today because of him. I am very proud of my family and I'm not sure yet where my blogs might lead from here on but starting with my family made sense since I am a stay-at-home mom and my life revolves around these amazing people I have introduced.