Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crazy Hair!

Today the middle school had crazy hair day so this is what my daughter looked like to head off to school this morning!  We had gotten it all done except I was spraying the color on when she say "now watch today is going to be -Dress like a basketball player day- instead of -crazy hair day- & I'm going to go to school like this"!  As it turned out it was crazy hair day and she said that her hair was crazier than anyone else's! 

This is all for spirit week at school.  They are doing something different everyday this week.  Yesterday the kids were supposed to wear the school colors.
Anyway Cheyenne is having fun with spirit week & some of the high school kids voted that her hair was the best!
It took us about a half hour to achieve this effect & about a half hour to wash & comb it out!! It was fun! 


  1. I'm glad she didn't like it well enough to want to wear it that way normally! :) It's not to far from what I've seen some kids doing!

    You did a great job, baby! I'd never have been able to figure it out!

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It sure was crazy hair, but so cute. I would have been surprised if she hadn't won. Glad she did and glad she is having fun with spirit week! Great job Tammy. Blessings jane

  3. Wow, now this is seriously some crazy hair! lol Awesome job of doing your daughters hair Tammy and I can't even imagine getting all of that out!

  4. Thank you all! I did have fun doing it but also wasn't sure of the best way to get it out but I figured it out & it didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would! We always have fun with crazy hair day!

  5. How funny!!! Oh this takes me back to 5th grade spirit week! I won bad hair day...my mom gave me an afro. It was so much fun....One day she will look back on these pictures and REALLY get a laugh!

  6. That is great I hope your mom took pics!
    Cheyenne is in 6th grade so not too far off. She was very proud that her hair was crazier than anyone elses even though they did not have an award for the craziest hair. However both my kids have won prizes at our church's A.W.A.N.A. programs crazy hair day!